Join the Peoples Summit and submit your contribution for a #newecosocialworld

The people’s summit invites everyone to share and advance their ideas and contributions to shaping the Global Values Declaration for a new eco-social world. Individuals and community representatives, people of lived experiences, global organisations, students, health, social, education and economic professions, environmental campaigners, trade unions, policy makers, civil rights champions, spiritual and religious networks, and government leaders.
People are invited to share the principles and values of their communities’ programs, social movements, indigenous rituals, culture and knowledge, academic work, personal experiences, etc. in the form of Academic Presentations, Blogs, Dances, Songs, Interviews, Panel Discussions, Pechakucha presentations, Poetry, spoken word, Posters, Research Findings, Storytelling, Ted Talks style presentation, Tik Tok style video, Workshops
English is the working language of the summit. However, upon acceptance of your proposal, you can prepare the full presentation of your contribution to the summit in any language. The summit platform provides spaces for engagement and global conversation across cultures, diverse lived experiences, professional groups, and perspectives.
The contributions will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline is 15th February 2022.
Find more information on and on the Summit social media channel Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube