Registration fees and information

Registration fees and information

Registration Fees

The cost of running the People´s Global Summit is 75 USD per person. This summit will leave no one behind and the participation fee should be no barrier.

You can choose to pay:

  • Full Fee: 75 USD
  • Medium Fee: 50 USD
  • Low fee: 20 USD
  • Name the amount you want to pay
  • Free participation.

All income generated will be used to support the summit´s technological base, design, translation and to maximize inclusiveness and diversity. If there is an unexpected surplus of funds, these will be used to support ongoing summit related projects as directed by the partner organisations. The funds generated by fees, donations and sponsorships will be held by The International Federation of Social Workers who is acting as the secretariat for the summit. No partners to the summit will receive any funds.


You will have the option to make a donation during the registration process, choosing the option Name the amount you want to pay.

We appreciate any donations made to The People´s Global Summit and thank you for your generosity that will be used to maximise the diversity of participants, inclusiveness, quality, and outcomes of this event. Furthermore, your donation might be tax-deductible.

Cancellations and changes in your registration

All changes (i.e. transferring the registration to another delegate or donating it to support delegates and diversity) or refund requests must be made in writing to