Summit Steering Principles

Summit Steering Principles

To further this global conversation, steering principles have been generated as starting point to inspire new ideas and contributions. These clusters of principles aim to represent diverse cultures, philosophies, and interests across the world to steer us forward in our tasks of developing globally shared principles for a new eco-social world that leaves no one behind.

These steering principles are:

  • Buen Vivir*, love and care of people and the planet, responsibilities and rights.
  • Respect, dignity, harmony and justice
  • Diversity, belonging, reciprocity and equity
  • Ubuntu**, togetherness and community

*Buen Vivir – an indigenous social movement from South America that describes a way of life and a form of development that sees social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues working together and in balance, not separately and hierarchically as at present.

**Ubuntu – an indigenous African philosophy based on people’s interdependency and interconnectedness with their environment; I am because we are.

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