Co-building our shared futures starts now

The People’s Global Summit, ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’ starts tomorrow. The Summit will run 24 hours for four days, June 29 – July 2.

During the Summit people will be able to share their experiences and stories in different ways. These will include presentations from people in communties, live panels, open mic rooms, indigenous-led sessions, story telling, interviews, cultural expression along with workshops, academic presentations, and keynote addresses from political and civil society leaders. All live and video-presentations will have a chat section for your contributions and to interact with the presenters. This process will provide opportunities for co-building a new eco-social world, and generate security, safety and sustainability for this and future generations.

The summit effectively acts as a people’s assembly that uniquely and proudly comprises differing world cultures and values, with a holistic vision that combines sustainability, social justice and ‘we the people’ working together for an eco-social world. It was initiated by 26 global diverse organizations and represents 100s of millions of people with roots in communities throughout the world. We share the perspective that the lofty pledges made by governments after the second world war – on peace, development and human rights – have not been realized. Inequalities and fractures have grown. Poverty sits alongside extreme wealth. Nature has been stripped, leading to climate warming and environmental destruction. Millions of people have been displaced as a result, adding to the millions more displaced by conflict and violence. The governments that made these commitments have prioritized competition over collaboration, sovereignty over solidarity. They have not yet served the people they represent.

In the Summit all participants will contribute to The People’s Charter for an Eco-Social World. The process has already started by people and communities submitting their contributions on what values, policies and practices needed to be developed to give everyone and the planet safety and security. During the Summit, the Charter will be developed and drafted from everyone’s contributions. The partners have agreed that the Charter needs to be a living document and will be initially submitted to the world’s leaders as they gather at the 2022 United Nations High-Level Political Forum and General Assembly as an invitation to join us and call to action to work with us for our shared futures.

This is one step on the journey of a continuing process for sustainability, justice and equality for all.  Join here.