UN Secretary-General will Open People’s Global Summit

The Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General has confirmed Mr. Guterres will provide a video message at the opening of the People’s Global Summit, ´Co-Building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind´. In the letter of confirmation his office has also conveyed the best wishes of the UN Secretary-General for the success of the event.
The vision for the people’s global summit emerges from the multiple global crises including the Covid pandemic, climate change, persistent global inequalities and trauma from conflict. The vision is to co-build a new eco-social world based on values that shape policies and practices to ensure sustainability and good quality life-cycles – not only for each human being but for each part of our eco-systems on which we all depend, leaving no one behind.

The global partners to the summit that have led the development of this process have their roots in different cultures, interests and are committed to working together in shaping a new world for this and future generations. The partners represent 100s of millions of people and communities and there is unlimited space left for all others to participate in this process and journey.
Deleted: The summit will bring together diverse contributions in recognition that no one culture, model or philosophical approach can provide the answers for all people and the whole ecosystem. In June 2022 the global people’s summit ‘Co-Building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’ will create opportunities for all people to contribute to a world that is ecologically sustainable and socially just.

All our ideas and positive experiences of change will be presented to the global people’s summit. These will be collated into key values, principles, practices, and policies to be used as reference points for future development. Immediately following the summit, the world’s political leaders, gathering at the UN High-Level Political Forum, will receive these reference points and will be invited to join us as we continue to embed the changes we seek.
Deleted: Summit co-facilitator, Rory Truell commented, “We are at a unique point in our history. This summit ignites a new process that brings together civil society from across the globe and political leaders to co-design and co-build a new eco-social world. We are delighted that the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres will open the event with his vision and encouragement. This and other contributions of our shared futures will help us develop the sustainable, fair and just world we need”.