Economic-financial drivers of an unequal world

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Live Panel facilitated by The World Federation of Public Health Associations  -WFPHA

Structurally, capitalism lives in an era of financial dominance. Financial or “paper” wealth – currencies, debt securities, shares on stock exchanges, etc. – multiplies relatively independently of the production and distribution of tangible assets, that is, of goods and services with value in use.
The Covid-19 pandemic provided striking examples of the voracity of financialisation, even to the detriment of public health. While the global roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines to protect everyone in the world would cost about $25 billion, government debt issuance in high-income countries, only in 2020, reached nearly $18 trillion .
No doubt, this is a system that is at the basis of an ever-increasing inequity in and among countries.
The present panel will highlight that to preserve the health of people and the planet, we’ll have to revise our incentives, and we’ll have to learn how to counteract the prevailing economic drivers. Solutions will be discussed by calling on people from the social and health sector and those from the economy.


  • Bettina Borisch, CEO of the World Federation of Public Health Asociations, (Switzerland)
  • Carlos Ocké-Reis, doctor of public health (Brazil)
  • Facilitator:Luis Eugenio de Souza, WFPHA’s president (Brazil)