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Thank you for highlighting this Rory. It is so important to have these steering values. There is so much beauty and value of promoting these core values.

Just a few that come to mind are:

Ikibiri from the Burundian context which refers to bringing people together to do something, as this highlights the improtance of empowering voices to be heard and ensuring collective action which can be seen throughout this People’s Summit, the continued focus on collective action is therefore vital as we move forward


Dr Piki Diamond highlighted that ‘Ko au te whenua, te whenua ko au (I am the land and the land is me)’ is an important value for us to reconnect with the land and how we respect, promote and empower good practice in this, and also links in with understanding of land through migration processes and our role as social workers to promote connection with land within complex acculturation experiences, this links in well with co-building an eco-social world and should continue to drive us forward

I am sure there are many others that people may contribute but hoping that these 2 examples prompt some more thinking.