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I would like to spend more time on these 4 to surface a deeper understanding of their wholistic interconnections and how wholistic (geometric) thinking models may help us away from the linear trap of listing them as if they were separate and inviting suggestions for additional values in the spirit of non-wholistic thinking that a long list of added values guided by part-to-whole thinking will reach a wholistic values set. Whole-to-part thinking would not keep us trapped in a linear, non-wholistic trap while claiming to be wholistic. The notion of wholism will remain significant in rhetoric only. I would like dialogue on rearranging the 4 value sets from a linear list to a geometric tetrahedron-like system that shows the 4 values and their minimum of 6 interconnections in a non-linear and non-hierarchial way. This moves us into 3-D modeling that can also take 2D circle models like indigenous medicine wheel models and “see” them in their 3D wholism too (and I believe, in the way they are meant to be understood). This kind of modelling can expand and contract to undersstand and work with a minimum 4 set or a complex pattern/set of multiple interconnection values understood in the context of whole-to-part thinking instead of our current mostly part-to-whole thinking mindsets that keep us trapped in the rhetoric of wholism and not the practice of wholism. Richard Ramsay