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Rory Truell

Dear Omar, I think what you have said and the direction you propose is really great. Wouldn’t it be wonderful have a much broader set of key values that we can learn from and become stronger and more inclusive as a result, just as the social work profession learnt so much when setting Ububtu as the main international theme last year. In that instance, the IFSW African region proposed the theme and guided the global profession in understanding its meanings. My sense is that we as global professions, networks, etc, that are not steeped in specific cultural understandings, we would need to engage our partners and contacts in that cultural base for permission and guidance. As you mention, in the UNESCO RILA session yesterday, Piki acted as a guide on several on several Māori principles. The IFSW members in Aotearoa could also give guidance, and I am aware that The WFPHAs (the health professions in this summit) also have strong connections in Aotearoa as does IASSW. This could be a major learning process for global bodies who have tended to rest on Western values, sometimes with dire consequences. I am really pleased that the summit has identified what we are doing as a ‘living process’ and hope that as we move forward, all cultures will be able to look at what is being done and say, ‘an important aspect of our cultural wisdom is reflected in that’.