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This is an important discussion. Our panel on Plural pathways and shared principles to co-building health in a new Ecosocial World ( discusses
approaches to health and wellbeing in India, Latin America, East and Southern Africa and small island states that reflect a plurality of indigenous cultural understandings of health and also common features of collective interests, complementarity, and reciprocity, and in positioning health as a consequence of harmony with nature and spiritual forces. While subjugated to biomedical, biosecurity approaches during colonialism, across these settings, rights-based, social medicine approaches confronted the alienation and inequities generated by colonialism and exacerbated by neoliberalism, reviving early principles and adding new dimensions to confront an extractive globalisation, gender and other intersecting inequalities. So in line with what was raised earlier, its not the slogans and names but the shared values, principles, ways of constructing knowledge that we need to draw and communicate from these ideas and systems, together with what has enabled renewal and resistance to efforts to dominate and suppress them. (We really welcome comment on the panel!)