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I couldn’t find the model I wanted to paste. Here’s a link to a student paper in my early work. A quick scroll will find graphics of the 4 components and how they are integrated. The text is interesting. She describes a medical case conference trying to find a way to work with a non compliant, recent immigrant patient, recently diagnosed with MS. The student was an observer, not part of the team. As they talked (and fussed), she mapped what she heard and observed on a map of the model. She was confident enough to ask if she could comment. The non-compliance looked like a clash of cultural values/validators. The patient believed MS was acute/curable. The medical team held it to be chronic/life long. The non compliance medical patient relationship was connected to medical and patient validators in conflict. The doctor lead saw the relationship source right away. The team agreed to put their validator aside and work with the patient’s cultural validator. The compliance conflict turned into a compliant patient quite quickly and the social work student became a regular at the case conference table for her social work perspective