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Sarah and David, the situation is getting worse. When you come to HK again and may even worser. I of course not hope like this, but when National security law is in effect, we don’t know what will be counted as damaging national security.

David is right, there is no easy solution, but showing support and keeping to HK social work will be very important. Do you know there were 3 community workers in China suddenly disappeared few years ago which SWAN had issued a statement about this. We could not contact them. After 6 months, they quitted their job and told us all they did for the disadvantaged community was wrong. What I know is they organized rural community to advocate local policy change.

I am seeking solidarity and support from you, I know I risk violating to collude with foreign affairs in terms of national security law nowadays. Global concern of course won’t change the situation in a dramatic way, but at least it is what HK social work needs today. Up until now, the global social work support is weak. I am not blaming or complaining, but from our limited situation and perspective, it is what we could ask from the global social work community humbly. Just like theory of bullying, the role of outsider is important and contributing so that the wicked will not be reckless.

Thank you for both of yours ideas. Our leaders don’t listen and that’s why they never engaged HK social workers to discuss the insertion of national security law as one of criteria to register as social worker on HK. If we violate, we are disentitled to continue ad social workers and face other conviction from national security law.

I am sorry to type it so long. I hope there is sustainable concern to Hong Kong Social Work.

Kind regards,
Wai-Sum KUNG