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A few thoughts after listening to the really interesting presentation on transformation changes in social work practice. Thanks for a thought provoking presentation. It was enlightening to hear how quantum science understands more clearly ideas of interdependence, self-organising dynamics, and the robust nature of far-from-equilibrium than the positivist hegemonic knowledge systems that dominated and suppressed indigenous knowledge systems during colonialism and that remain hegemonic today. Im still questioning the canopy concept- so for discussion: Im not sure the sort of peaceful co-existence it envisages, while a valid aspiration, is feasible in todays inequitable, violent capitalism, where in a battle for ideas, positivist systems deliberately hide the subjectivity of powerful actors and discount and over-ride knowledge and experience that exerts meaningful challenge. The notion of ‘neutrality’ of knowledge in positivist systems needs challenge and exposure of the values being applied (not the canopy but the ‘roots of the trees’), even while we demand, nourish and ‘grow’ knowledge systems that reflect values, such as those articulated in the conference.