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The following is yersterday’s news, not directly related to social work in Hong Kong, but reflected the suppressive context that Hong Kong social work is situated at.

“Chinese independent journalist Huang Xueqin has won the 2022 Wallis Annenberg Justice Award for Women Journalists. She has been detained in the Guangzhou Detention Center for more than 280 days since she was detained twice last year, during which time she has been barred from meeting with lawyers and family members. Scholars believe that Huang Xueqin was retaliated by the Xi regime for exposing real social problems, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights was indifferent to the case when he visited Guangzhou earlier. Organizations hope that Huang Xueqin’s award will draw international attention to journalists and writers in Hong Kong and China under pressure.”

How to leave no-one behind if the above situation is not addressed and get no international attention? If not, then we risk “leaving no one behind” to be a rhetoric. We are leaving someone behind while we are saying leaving no one behind.

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