Gerhard Ermischer and Anna Rurka

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Empowering civil societies in contemporary global challenges for democracy and Human Rights

✦ Gerhard Ermischer is the President of the Conference of INGOs. He previously served the Conference of INGOs as Vice-President of its Committee for Democracy and was a member of its Standing Committee. He chaired the drafting group for the revision of our Code of Good Practice on civil participation in the decision-making process in cooperation with the Congress of the Local and Regional Authorities, which also helped to reestablish the INGO’s good relations with the Congress.
He was born in Salzburg (Austria) and his main interest is advocating for the cultural heritage and civil society at the European Union and participating in consultation processes for European laws and standard setting as well as for the implantation of the conventions on cultural heritage of the Council of Europe at home.

✦ Anna Rurka, is the immediate past President of the Conference of INGOs 2015-2021. Since 2008, she is a Senior Lecturer at the University Paris Nanterre in Education Science, in the family education and family social work research team (Center of Research Education and Training EA 1589). Her research focus and publications involve participation in assessing measures for people receiving social work support, access to rights by vulnerable groups and systemic and institutional analysis of the power dynamics in public policies. Her scientific interest concern: – Social work practices based on human rights approach – Civil participation in democratic and social changes – Individual and collective social engagement Since 2005, on behalf of EUROCEF (European Committee for Home-based Priority Action for the Child and the Family, an International Non Governmental Organization founded in 1988).

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