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The need for a New Eco-Social World

What PowerUs is about. Building trust and understanding between people through doing things together, getting to know each other, jointly developing tasks for personal growth and community and social change
To work with equality
Valuing the knowledge and esp the experiential knowledge of both
Determinedly seeking for both to be inclusive of diversity and giving it real value

The three settings put simply

Global north and overprivilege
Global south subject to the destructive consequences of colonization and where it has managed to hold that off

Each raises different issues
What Mad Studies book showed re how much to learn from GS

The vision we have for social work
Of value to all of us
The main principles of sw
Connecting the personal with the social
Recognizing the personal political connections
Commitment to anti discrimination, inclusion and social justice
All these good practice reflects in microcosm challenging white privilege, ageism, disablism, etc etc
Making it possible for people to be included for who they are as both practitioners and service users and on the basis of equality

Peter Beresford OBE is one of the founding partners of PowerUs the international network of educators, service users and carers which is a partner to this Event. He is Co-Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the UK user led and disabled people’s organisation and network and Visiting Professor at the University of East Anglia, England. He is a long term user of mental health services and has a longstanding involvement in issues of participation as educator, researcher, writer and campaigner.

His most recent book, coedited with Jasna Russo is The Routledge International Handbook of Mad Studies (2021).

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