Opening Ceremony

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The live opening ceremony will take place live on Wednesday 29 June, starting at 06:00 UTC.

The summit will be opened by Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary General, who has consistently highlighted the need for transformational change: “COVID-19 is a human tragedy. But it has also created a generational opportunity. An opportunity to build back a more equal and sustainable world… A New Global Deal, based on a fair globalization, on the rights and dignity of every human being, on living in balance with nature, on taking account of the rights of future generations, and on success measured in human rather than economic terms, is the best way to change this”.

This will be followed by a keynote from Kumi Naidoo, a global civil society representative, human rights and environmental activist.
We will all have a task over the days of the summit. Together we will co-design and co-build a People’s Charter to drive forward a new eco-social world that leaves no one behind. In this opening session, we will outline how everyone can be heard and can contribute.

Najma Mohamed and Rory Truell, Summit Moderators

Summit Partners